Letters From LGBTI Prisoners




Your letter came in and I was very happy about it, I can’t thank you enough. Also thank you very much for your efforts on the clothes donations. Also I’d be very happy if you thank ****** for me. We did not yet receive the clothes he/she sent yet, we’re waiting for them and hopefully we will get them soon. Also the current regulations for the facility that I’m in, only accepts cargo from outside of Istanbul and returns the ones that come from within. Also when clothes arrive from the NGO you can just leave them to the officer at the gate and we will then receive them somehow. To everyone in the NGO and charitable people who donated, me and my friends offer our thanks.




My dear fellows and NGO director please do not forget that I’m waiting for your urgent reply. There is a very good chance of a general pardon coming really soon and before it comes I need to get my surgery done. Because the State is going to provide for it when I’m under their jurisdiction. I want to get out of this prison with my pink ID, as a woman. Please help me use this chance while I’m already in here. With hope and trust you as I write this letter. I wholeheartedly believe that you will understand me and forgive me. I am looking forward to hearing from you in your next letter. I hug all of my brothers/sisters. Take good care of yourselves and may God protect you. Looking forward to see you all as soon as possible. I’m listing my requirements down below and letting you choose the amounts and color.


PS: The address for the money transfer and the mailing address are different. I wrote thm both down below.


-There are my requirements-My size is 40 – Large – 66 Kilos, 1.73m tall-

1- I require a lawyer.

2- I need you to help me financially and prosthetic silicone breast money = 1.250 TL

3- Platform high heels. (42-41)

4- All kinds of jewellery.

5- Thongs size 2.

6- Body with suspension and lace underwear. (size 3) (bodies size M-L)

7- Platform sandals and slippers. (42-41)

8- Foundation, lipstick, nail polish, acetone, mascara, eye liner.

9- All kinds of clothes, dresses, skirts.

10- Panty hose size 3 from 15.

11- Single bed cover and sheets.

12- Track suit. (Size L)

13- Sports shoes. (42-41)

14- Hand-Face-Body towels.

15- Some not so sharp perfume. (I’m longing for it since a year now)





We as foreigners were staying with Turkish homosexuals. We were staying with them since four years in the end we are all homosexuals. We are on hunger strike now we are suffering here Turkish homosexuals were helping us financially and spiritually I am feeling very bad right now. I am on a hunger strike and until I go back next to my Turkish friends I will continue my hunger strike I am going to die here if it goes on in here like this. I want you to help us we are four people here we want to you to get us back with the Turkish homosexuals. Maltepe 3 Nolu is not suitable for us we demand that you help us or we will die in here. Sister ****** please help me our morale is very low and our mental state got torn apart in 3 days this is a very bad prison. It’s altogether wrong that they are keeping us here help me. Take very good care of yourself we’re waiting for you urgent reply.




First of all thank you wholeheartedly for replying. I have looked for the serial numbers of applications that I made but I could not find them. I can assure you that I appealed everywhere that I needed to. I do not know how many LGBT prisoners are in the correctional facility. But I sure the number is over 10. We’re all on different wards and blocks so its very hard to communicate. The facility administration is not giving us our own ward and claims that the Ministry of Justice is aware of this situation. But you can be sure of that they are not even trying to give us a ward. They also do not inform us about how long this situation is gonna go on. But the administration thinks that this is the way that things always were and always will be in here. There is no such system in any correctional facility in Turkey. The inmates have always felt that their hands are tied. You’re our only hope. I’m sure there is a way to somehow get us transported to another facility. But the cost of the transportation is too much. We don’t have the finances to compensate that amount. I’ve told you about some LGBT inmates that are even longing for a cup of tea. And they are supposed to cover for the transportation expenses? It’s impossible. Our only request from you is to get us our own ward. They don’t have the right to keep us here. For example, when two people fight in a ward they are given solitary confinement punishment. In order to go through with the punishment they would put them in with our single cells so that they would stay a while with us and then leave when the punishment is over. What I’m trying to say is that these single cells that we’re kept in are made for aggravated life imprisonment and the solitary confinement. We don’t have any other requests from you, we just want a ward. Thank you in advance for your efforts.


With Love and Respect


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